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Why Use Hashtags to Effectively Maximize Reach

Ever wondered why everyone’s raving about hashtags on social media? Well, here’s the scoop: they’re not just trendy; they’re a game-changer for your engagement levels! If you’re not hopping on the hashtag train, you’re missing out big time.

Now, picture this: you’re scrolling through your feed, and what catches your eye? Yep, those cleverly placed hashtags. They’re like little magnets, pulling people towards your content. Trust me, they’re the secret sauce to any successful social media strategy.

And guess what? If you’re using WordPress to manage your online presence, you’re in luck! Because in this blog, we’re diving deep into why you should be using hashtags effectively. Think of it as your crash course to becoming a hashtag pro.

So, buckle up and get ready to boost your reach, visibility, and engagement rate. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Stick around for the basics—you’ll be hashtagging like a champ in no time!

What are Hashtags & Why Use Hashtags?

So, let’s talk hashtags!  Ever noticed those words with the pound (#) sign in front of them? Those are hashtags, and they’re like little tags that help social media platforms sort and categorize content. They’re pretty handy because they make your posts visible to folks interested in that topic or category.

When you nail your content timing and sprinkle in the right hashtags, magic happens. Seriously, your social media game can skyrocket! Hashtags open the door to a bigger audience, help you connect with the right crowd, boost your visibility, and shout out your brand to the world.

Fun fact: A post with at least one hashtag tends to get about 12.6% more engagement than those without. That’s a big deal! Plus, all the cool viral marketing strategies? Yeah, they’re all about using the hottest hashtags.

Originally a brainchild of Twitter, hashtags are now the lifeblood of every social media platform. But here’s the catch: They only work if your profile is set to public. And remember, hashtags start with #, but they won’t work if you throw in spaces, punctuation, or symbols.

Now, here’s the scoop: Just slapping hashtags onto your posts won’t do the trick. You’ve gotta bring the A-game with your content to make people stop scrolling and engage. Need some inspiration? Check out these awesome social media post ideas to fuel your content calendar.

So, now that you’re clued in on hashtags and their superpowers, let’s dive deeper, shall we? Oh, and by the way, ever wondered why you should use WordPress for your website? Let’s explore that too! 

How To Find Relevant Hashtags For Social Media Posts?

Here’s how you can find the right ones:

Take note of the trending hashtags

So, you’re probably wondering, “Why use hashtags anyway?” Well, let me break it down for you. Every social media platform has its own little way of showcasing what’s trending. On Twitter, you’ve got that handy trends column. And over on Instagram, it’s all about those posts popping up on the explore page. But here’s the thing: scrolling through each platform to find what’s hot can be a real hassle.

That’s where a nifty tool like Ritetag comes into play. You simply upload your post and caption, and voilà! It suggests the trending hashtags that fit your content like a glove. Plus, you can even download a report with all those juicy hashtags for future reference.

And hey, if you’re all about saving time (who isn’t?), why not streamline your process with some top-notch social media scheduling tools? They’ll have your posts, complete with hashtags, going out like clockwork across all your social media accounts. 

Keep an eye on your relevant influencers and competitor’s posts

Here’s a neat trick to find out which hashtags are rocking it in your industry: Scope out your competitors’ and influencers’ social media profiles. Check out what hashtags they’re dropping in their posts. If they’re getting results, chances are those hashtags will work for you too. Pay attention to how often they’re using them. It’s like a shortcut to boosting your social media game!

Use a hashtag research tool

Let’s talk tools! Take Hashtagify, for instance. It’s like your personal hashtag genie, helping you find the perfect tags for your posts on Instagram and Twitter. With this handy tool, you can delve into the world of hashtags and see which ones are trending and popular.

Imagine this: You type in #MondayMotivation, and voila! Hashtagify lays out the red carpet of information for you. You get to see not only how hot that hashtag is right now, but also its overall popularity, recent trends, and what’s buzzing for the month and week. Plus, it throws in some bonus hashtags that could spice up your post game. It’s like having insider knowledge on which tags will get your content noticed. So, why use hashtags? Because tools like Hashtagify make it a breeze to amp up your reach and engagement!

Utilize social media listening tool

Let me break it down for you. So, imagine having social media listening tool at your disposal. It’s like having your own social media detective to track, analyze, and respond to all the buzz about your brand on social media.

With this tool, you can keep tabs on all the conversations happening across various platforms – be it mentions of your brand, your competitors, or even keywords relevant to your business. Pretty neat, right?

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. By keeping an eye on these conversations, you’ll discover where your audience hangs out, what they’re saying about brands like yours, and which of your competitors’ posts are getting all the love. And guess what? You can peek at the hashtags they’re using too!

So, why not join the party? Incorporate those hashtags into your own posts and watch your reach skyrocket. It’s all about getting in on the action and making the most out of every opportunity. So, go ahead, start hashtagging, and let your brand shine!

Analyze your past posts

Ever tried tossing hashtags into your social media posts? Take a moment to skim through your past posts. Spot any winners? Check if there’s a pattern with the hashtags you’ve thrown in. If you notice some recurring ones in your popular posts, keep them in your arsenal for future shares!

How To Use Hashtags Effectively

Be succinct, not spammy

You know those posts crammed with hashtags like #followforfollow or #likeforlike? They kinda scream “spam,” right? I mean, it’s like shouting, “Hey, look at me!” But here’s the thing: using those hashtags might get you some new followers, sure, but they’re not really your target audience. They’re mostly just spammers or folks who only want a follow-back. They’re not sticking around for your content or your products. So, why bother with hashtags like that?

Use hashtags that relate to your content

So, you know how important it is to connect with the right crowd for your brand, right? Well, that’s where hashtags come in handy. Instead of throwing around generic ones like #marketing or #fashion, you gotta get specific! Why use hashtags that’ll drown your post in a sea of millions, right?

By using more targeted hashtags, you increase your chances of reaching the audience that actually cares about what you’re sharing. So, ditch the generic stuff and go for the ones that really speak to your brand. Trust me, it makes a big difference in getting your content noticed by the right people.

Use trending hashtags only if relevant

So you know how hashtags are always shifting and changing, right? Well, that’s why it’s super important to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending online when you’re crafting your posts. But here’s the thing: don’t just slap any old trending hashtag onto your content. Take a sec to dig into hashtag analytics tools to see if it actually fits with your brand.

If you spot a trend that aligns with what you’re all about, jump on it! Using that hashtag in your posts can really amp up your reach beyond just your usual followers. Plus, hopping on trending hashtags early doors lets you get in on the action and start building relationships with your target audience before everyone else does. So, why use hashtags? Because they’re your ticket to getting noticed by a wider audience and making meaningful connections online.

Create Branded Hashtags

You’ve heard about branded hashtags, right? They’re basically tags that include your brand name and link to all the related content. It could be about your awesome products, your catchy slogan, or even a cool marketing campaign you’re running. Now, why bother using these hashtags, you ask?

Well, first off, they’re like your personal marketing spies. Say you’re launching a big B2B marketing campaign or running a giveaway. Toss your branded hashtag into the mix, and bam! You’ve got yourself a neat little way to keep tabs on how it’s all going down. All those entries and posts? They’ll be neatly collected under your branded hashtag for easy tracking.

But wait, there’s more! Branded hashtags are also like little magnets for user-generated content. Whenever someone out there in the vast social media universe uses your branded hashtag, it’s like free advertising. Their post becomes a shiny little breadcrumb leading straight back to your profile. So, the more people jump on the hashtag train, the farther your reach spreads.

Don’t use same hashtags in all posts

You know, it’s not a good idea to slap the same set of hashtags onto every single post, even if you’re talking about similar stuff. Those sneaky social media algorithms aren’t big fans of that. Plus, it could land you in the dreaded shadowban zone, especially on Instagram. So, before you hit that upload button, make sure you’ve done your homework. It’s totally cool to throw in a few usual suspects in every post, though. But mix it up a bit, yeah?

Don’t overuse hashtags

Hashtags are like magic wands for your social media posts, waving them around to get more eyes on your content. But, here’s the deal: while hashtags can totally amp up your visibility and make your brand stand out, you don’t want to go hashtag-crazy.

Each social media platform has its own sweet spot for hashtagging. If you go overboard, it could actually hurt your engagement. Like, did you know that using more than 10 hashtags can slash your engagement rate by half? Yikes!

So, let’s break it down by platform:

  1. Instagram’s like the wild west of hashtags. You’ve got a cap of 30 per post, but aiming for around 9-10 relevant ones is your best bet for boosting engagement.
  2. Twitter’s all about brevity, so keep it simple with 1-2 hashtags per tweet.
  3. Facebook’s a bit more flexible, shoot for 2-5 hashtags to get noticed without overwhelming folks.
  4. LinkedIn doesn’t have a strict limit, but going overboard with more than 5-6 hashtags might flag your post as spam. So, keep it classy.
  5. Pinterest loves a good hashtag, but stick to 2-3 to help users discover your pins without overcrowding.
  6. And TikTok? Well, that’s hashtag heaven! Throw in 4-5 hashtags to skyrocket your reach and maybe even hit viral status.

So, next time you’re about to hit “post,” remember: hashtags are powerful, but use them wisely for maximum impact on each platform. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and master the art of hashtagging on all the major social spots!

How To Use Hashtags On Major Social Networks

How to use hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags: 5 -10 relevant hashtags

So, when you’re crafting that perfect caption for your Instagram post, remember to sprinkle in some business hashtags afterward. But here’s the trick: don’t overload your caption with hashtags – nobody likes scrolling through a sea of them. Instead, you can pop them into a comment, keeping your caption clean and still reaching the right folks. Oh, and don’t forget you can also slot hashtags into your bio for extra visibility.

Plus, if you’re rocking a business account, you’ve got access to some sweet analytics for each post. Keep an eye on those hashtag impressions – if they’re not hitting the mark, it might be time for a hashtag makeover.

How to use hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags:  2 – 5 relevant hashtags

when you’re writing up your caption or description, think about tossing in some hashtags. Feel free to sprinkle them throughout your Facebook post or even in the comments section. They’re handy for organizing stuff in private Facebook groups too.

Now, since a lot of Facebook profiles are private, it’s a bit tricky to see how folks are engaging with your hashtags. But don’t fret! You can keep tabs on it by popping over to ‘facebook.com/hashtag/_____ ‘ (just pop your keyword at the end) and keep an eye on all the data tied to your hashtags. Easy peasy!

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn

Hashtags: 5 – 6  relevant hashtags

Feel free to sprinkle hashtags throughout your LinkedIn posts – toss them in the middle or stick them at the end, whatever floats your boat. Just keep in mind that LinkedIn’s all about professionalism, so make sure your hashtag game stays pro too. And hey, why not invite folks to follow your own branded hashtag? That way, they can catch all the cool tips and tricks in your niche.

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn

Hashtags: 1 – 2  relevant hashtags

Twitter’s got your back when it comes to character limits. Feel free to sprinkle those hashtags wherever you like in your tweet. Need context? Stick ’em at the start. Want to highlight a keyword? Pop one in the middle. Wrapping things up? Drop ’em at the end. And hey, don’t forget you can jazz up your bio, replies, retweets, and comments with hashtags too! 

Final Word

It’s clear: hashtags are essential for social media success. But mastering them takes time and consistency. That’s where Margator‘s paid media services come in. We specialize in maximizing your social media presence. Ready to level up? Contact us today. Let’s make your brand shine online!