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Local SEO Services: The Definitive Guide

So, if you’re looking to reel in more customers for your local business straight from those online searches, local SEO services are where it’s at! But hey, what exactly is this local SEO thing all about? How does it do its magic, and what stuff really counts in boosting your ranking?

Well, get cozy, because I’m about to break it down for you. This guide is your ticket to understanding how to get your business to shine on local searches, bringing in more foot traffic and eager customers.

What Is Local SEO?

You know, getting your local SEO sorted is a big deal. Think about it: loads of folks turn to search engines when they’re hunting down local businesses.

Google’s got some eye-opening stats on this:

  • About 30% of searches made on mobile are all about location.
  • And get this, a whopping 76% of folks who look up something nearby on their phones? They end up popping into the actual business within a day.
  • Plus, 28% searches for something nearby end up in a purchase.

So, bottom line? Your potential customers are out there scouring the web for your biz. If you’re not showing up in those local search results, you’re basically leaving cash on the table.

How Does Local SEO Work?

So, when it comes to local SEO services, think of it like a game with two halves. Google gives you two kinds of search results for local searches: the “map pack” and the organic “blue link” results. The cool part? You can totally rank on both of them! It’s like scoring big in two different ways.

local seo services

Map pack results

You know that thing on Google where you search for something local, like “best pizza near me,” and you see those little business listings along with a map? That’s the map pack, also called the local pack. It’s like Google’s way of saying, “Hey, here are the top local spots for what you’re looking for!” You usually see it right at the top of the search results when you’re hunting for nearby stuff. So, if you’re all about getting noticed in your area, scoring a spot in the map pack is where it’s at. That’s why nailing your local SEO services is super important!

Organic search results

You know those “regular” search results, the ones we usually see as the “10 blue links”? Well, they’re like the classics of online search. You scroll down a bit from the map pack, and there they are, waiting for you. And when it comes to boosting your visibility online, especially in your neighborhood, that’s where local SEO services really shine.

Local SEO Keyword Research

So, let’s talk about local keyword research! It’s basically figuring out how folks search for the services you offer in your area. Why is it a big deal? Well, you want your website to pop up when people search for stuff locally, right? Let me walk you through how you can nail this.

Find Service Based Keywords

You know, a lot of folks don’t really consider all the different ways people might be looking for what they offer. Let’s take being a plumber, for example. Sure, some folks will just type in “plumber” when they’re on Google, but others might be more specific, searching for stuff like “drain unblocking” or “fixing burst pipes.”

So, the trick is to sit down and jot down all the services you provide. This way, you can make sure you’re showing up when people search for the stuff you actually do.

Here’s how it might look for a plumber:

  • Fixing clogged drains
  • Repairing boilers
  • Installing boilers
  • Doing boiler check-ups
  • Setting up radiators
  • Patching up burst pipes

So, if you want to beef up this list, try using those service keywords like “seeds” to uncover more of what folks are looking for when it comes to local SEO services.

Check For Local Intent

So, when folks are searching, and they’re aiming to shop close by, that’s what we call “local intent.” If your business doesn’t fit that bill, then diving into local SEO might not be the best move.

Here’s a quick way to suss out whether a search has local intent: Just Google it and see what pops up.

If you spot a map pack or some local “blue link” results, you’re definitely in local territory.

But if there’s nada in terms of map packs or local links, then it’s not really a local search.

Now, even if the search doesn’t scream “local,” you can still target those keywords. It’s just that tackling them won’t fall under the umbrella of local SEO.

Assign Keywords To Pages

If you want your homepage to stand out in local searches, relying solely on it to rank for all your service keywords might not cut it. You’ve got to get strategic by creating separate pages for different services.

Think about it like this: each URL should be like a little hub for specific services. If you offer things that are pretty different, like “boiler installation” and “burst pipe repair,” give them their own spotlight on separate pages.

But if you’ve got similar services, like “drain unblocking” and “drain unclogging,” bundling them up on one page makes sense. That way, you’re not spreading your SEO efforts thin, and you’re giving each service its best shot at getting noticed locally.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Remember how local SEO works? It’s like a two-sided coin. One side is the map pack, and the other is the regular search results you see.

When it comes to ranking in local searches, the factors that matter can differ based on where you want to show up. But there are some key factors that matter for both.

Let’s dive into what the experts think are the top factors for each side of the local SEO coin.

Google Business Profile

Think of a Google Business Profile as your online business card but turbocharged. It’s where people find all the info about your business, and it’s totally free. Listing your business there means you can show up in the map pack and Google Maps. Basically, if you want to be easily found by local folks, using local SEO services like this is key.

What SEOs Say

According to BrightLocal’s survey, about 36% of SEO experts think that having a killer Google Business Profile is super crucial for ranking in the map pack? And get this, 6% believe it’s important for those regular organic search results too.

But hey, it makes total sense, right? If you want any shot at showing up in that map pack, having a solid Google Business Profile is non-negotiable.

And guess what? The importance of your Business Profile just keeps growing for map pack rankings. It’s like the more complete and optimized your profile is, the better your chances are.

But it’s not just about rankings. Google says businesses with a detailed Business Profile are 70% more likely to get visits and 50% more likely to snag sales. So yeah, having a top-notch profile isn’t just a bonus—it’s essential for attracting more customers.

Best Practices

Google lays down some handy tips for making your online presence pop, especially when it comes to beefing up your local SEO game:

  1. Don’t be vague with your business category. Get specific!
  2. Punch in your business hours, including those special holiday hours.
  3. Drop your address if you’ve got a physical spot where customers can find you.
  4. Let folks know your service area if you’re all about delivering or visiting customers.
  5. List out the goodies you’re selling or the services you’re offering.
  6. Spruce things up with some eye-catching photos.
  7. And don’t be shy to ask your happy customers for some glowing reviews! They can really boost your street cred online.

NAP Citations

You’re cruising the web, checking out local spots, and bam! You stumble upon a NAP citation. It’s like a digital fingerprint of your business, showing off your name, address, and phone number. You’ll often spot these babies on business directories or social media profiles. They’re like your business’s virtual ID card, especially handy when you’re all about boosting your visibility with local SEO services.

What SEOs Say

BrightLocal’s study in 2021shows about 7% of SEOs are all about citations when it comes to local SEO services. But here’s the deal: they’re not the big boss anymore, not like they used to be.

Since 2014, SEO folks have been giving citations less love. Still, don’t count them out completely. Citations can still give your business a boost in the online jungle. See, directories often pop up when folks search for local stuff. If your biz is listed there, you might just catch the eye of someone searching.

Best Practices

Let’s break down boosting your online presence with local SEO services in a chatty, easy-to-follow way:

  1. Start by getting your business listed on big data aggregators. Think of them as the big bosses of business info. In the U.S., we’re talking about spots like Data Axle, Localeze, and Foursquare. They’re like the yellow pages of the internet!
  2. Don’t stop there! You’ll want to submit your info to other big players too. Think about Apple Maps, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing Places, and Facebook. These are places where folks are already searching for businesses like yours.
  3. It’s also smart to get listed in other directories that are popular in your local area and your industry. You never know where your next customer might be looking!
  4. Last but not least, keep your info consistent everywhere it’s listed. That means your business name, address, and phone number should be the same wherever people find you online. It’s like keeping your story straight across all your social media profiles!


So, let’s talk about reviews! They’re basically all about how many reviews you’ve got and how good they are. This includes what people are saying about you on your Google Business Profile and other places online. It’s a big deal, especially when you’re looking into local SEO services.

What SEOs Say

So, according to BrightLocal’s 2021 study, about 17% of those in the SEO biz think reviews are super crucial for showing up in that fancy map pack. But get this, only 5% feel the same for regular organic rankings. And guess what? Over the years, reviews have been gaining street cred for map pack rankings.

But hey, it’s not just about climbing up the ranks. Nabbing reviews on your Google Business Profile and other spots? It’s like earning brownie points with both Google and your customers. Trust me, it’s a win-win!

Best Practices

So, here’s the scoop on boosting your online presence with reviews, especially if you’re eyeing those top spots in local search results. First off, Google dishes out some key pointers:

  1. Keep reminding your happy customers to drop a review. Super easy—just whip up a review link through Google Business Manager and share it away.
  2. Put some extra love into snagging reviews on your Google Business Profile. That’s where the magic happens.
  3. Show some love back by responding to those reviews. But hold up—you need to be rocking a verified Google Business Profile to do this.
  4. No bribing or taking dough for reviews. Google’s got its eye on you, and that’s a big no-no.
  5. And hey, don’t even think about nudging folks to leave only shiny, happy reviews. It’s a strict rule from Google—everyone’s voice matters, even the not-so-glowing ones.


Think of links as votes for your website, but instead of people casting them, it’s other websites giving you a thumbs-up. It’s like saying, “Hey, this site’s cool!” Especially when it comes to boosting your visibility in local searches, local SEO services can really help with getting those valuable votes.

What SEOs Say

According to BrightLocal’s study, about 31% of SEO experts out there swear by links as the key signal for ranking on regular organic searches. And get this, 13% think the same holds true for map pack rankings.

Now, this might not exactly rock your world, right? I mean, Google itself back in 2016 mentioned that backlinks are one of their top three ranking factors. And hey, loads of studies have shown a solid link between links and organic traffic.

But here’s the kicker: Over time, links seem to be gaining more street cred when it comes to “regular” local rankings. Meanwhile, their importance for “map pack” rankings has pretty much held steady. So, there you have it!

Best Practices

  1. So, first up, you wanna grab some links from those top-ranking sites. They’re like the cool kids at school; you wanna hang out with them.
  2. Next, keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and snag some links they’ve got. It’s like borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor, but for SEO.
  3. Don’t forget about those local citations. They’re like little shout-outs from your community, and they often come with links attached.
  4. Oh, and if you spot any mentions of your business floating around without a link back to your site, claim ’em! It’s like rounding up all your stray puppies.
  5. Lastly, if you’ve lost any links along the way, don’t fret. Just redirect those old pages to your new ones, like giving your website a GPS to find its way home.


On-page SEO involves tweaking your webpage content to improve its ranking in organic search results. It’s super important, especially if you’re aiming to get noticed locally. That’s where local SEO services really come into play!

What SEOs Say

According to BrightLocal’s research, about a third of SEO experts are all about on-page signals when it comes to regular old organic search. And get this, another chunk, about 16%, swear by them for map pack rankings too.

And guess what? These on-page signals are getting even more love in the world of local SEO. BrightLocal’s past surveys totally back this up.

Best Practices

  1. Make sure your pages match what people are searching for.
  2. Don’t forget to put your Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) on your site.
  3. Catch attention with catchy titles and blurbs in search results.
  4. Keep your website addresses clear and easy to read for both humans and search engines.
  5. Don’t overlook image optimization for better search visibility.
  6. Link between pages when it makes sense, it’s good for both visitors and search engines.
  7. Add info that your potential customers care about to your site.

Final Word

Well, well, well, look who’s ready to conquer the local SEO game! You’ve just absorbed all the juicy deets on how to dominate those online searches like a boss—from ruling the map pack to slaying the regular search results. It’s time to put that knowledge into action and show the internet who’s boss!

But hey, if the thought of diving into the local SEO jungle has you feeling a bit queasy, no worries. Margator’s got your back with our local SEO services that’ll have your business climbing the rankings faster than you can say “Google it!” So why wait around? Let’s sprinkle some magic on your online presence and watch those customers come flocking. Slide into our DMs today, and let’s make some digital waves together!